That’s correct. You didn’t read wrong. 

A y-e-a-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r. Twelve months. 364 Days (or is it 365, I never know which one is a leap year and which one is a regular year. I realise I probably should given that I’m a 28 year old human being of average intelligence, but alas, I still struggle to know which is which.)

[EDIT] I have been reliably informed by my mother that there are 365 days in a year and 366 in a leap year… who knew, eh? [EDIT]

How do I get this fantastical prize?

Simples. Just place an order between the 1st March 2017 (12pm Start) and the 5th March 2017 (Midnight finish)  and you’ll receive a scratch card. One of those bad boys, is a winner. Easy peasy eggs and nake-y. (As my kids say, I don’t know why, I’ve thought better than to ask.)

But there’s more….

There’s also 50% off all orders betwen the 1st March 2017 (12pm Start) and the 5th March 2017 (Midnight Finish) so it’s a bit of a double whammy. Just use the code FIFTY-WIN to get your discount. Entry into the scratch-card draw is automatic.

So… what do you mean by a whole YEAR’s worth of stationery.

Well, just that. You’ll get £50 worth of stationery, every single month for a whole year. That’s a whopping £600 worth of stationery. The equivalent of 8 XL Stationery bundles. That’s a LOT of stationery, and plenty to keep you going for sure.

Half Price Stationery = Free Entry into the BIGGEST SLS Creative giveaway EVER!


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T&C’s [Giveaway]

One entry per individual order placed between 1st March 12pm and 5th March 23:59pm.

Scratch card will be sent with your order.

Winner will receive 12 x £50 vouchers to spend on stationery at one voucher valid per calendar month following prize redemption.

Prize is non-transferable and can not be substituted or redeemed in cash.

Valid for Graphic Design / Stationery / Artwork Printing. Excludes printed textiles.

EXCEPTION: If winner wishes to exchange their prize for 1 x Web Design package and 3 x £50 vouchers they are permitted to do so.

Vouchers can not be rolled over to following months.

Orders are subject to whatever lead time is in place at the time of ordering. (Average 21 days)

Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

T&C’s [Half Price Sale]

Sale runs from 12pm March 1st 2017 until midnight March 5th 2017

To receive discount use code FIFTY-WIN at the checkout

All sale orders are subject to a 6 week lead time

Only valid on orders placed through

Valid only on Stationery, Artwork Printing and Web / Graphic Design (Excludes printed textiles.