Heeeeeere it is! The SLS Creative Golden Ticket Giveaway. I can’t work out if I’m completely insane, just plain stupid or a combination of both… but I love you guys, and I’m feeling festive (already I know! And no, I’m not drunk. Honest…….) and clearly have absolutely no regard for whether I go bankrupt or not. Ahem.

So, here’s a bit more about the promotion, how you can get your eager little paws on your very own ticket, and of course, what’s up for grabs.



What’s this all about?

Well, to put it simply, I’ve got 50 rather special Golden Tickets right here, in gosh darn cute little envelopes. (They’re adorable.) Each one contains a prize, ranging from percentage discount vouchers, right up to stationery bundles, logos and even a website worth £395!

How do you get one? Just order something. That simple. Yup! It doesn’t apply to paper cut templates, just physical / graphic design orders (sorry!) but that’s the only stipulation. So to clarify:

  1. Place order either via the SLS Creative Facebook page, via orders@sls-creative.com or directly at www.sls-creative.com
  2. Sit back and wait for your golden ticket to drop through your letterbox with your order.
  3. Open and rejoice when you’ve won one of 50 awesome prizes!
  4. Crack open a bottle of vino to celebrate.
  5. Take nap.

There are a total of 50 tickets. That’s right, so the next FIFTY orders will get one of these bad boys in with their goodies. 


What can I win?? 

The following prizes are available.

  1.      1 x  Website Bundle Stationery Package
  2.      1 x  Stationery Bundle
  3.      3 x  Logo Designs
  4.      3 x  50% Off Vouchers
  5.      3 x  Free Custom Hoodies
  6.      3 x  Free Tote Bags
  7.      4 x  Free T-Shirts
  8.      1 x  Free Pack of Stickers
  9.      1 x  Free Shipping Voucher
  10.      3 x  Free Mugs
  11.      6 x  25% Off Vouchers
  12.      8 x  20% Off Vouchers
  13.      13 x  10 % Off Vouchers

So you’ve got a pretty awesome chance of getting a big prize!

All that’s left to say is GOOD LUCK! (And make sure you read the T&C’s below, of course)






Please ensure you’ve read the following terms and conditions when partaking in this promotion.


  • All prizes must be claimed by 30th June 2016.
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged, with the exception of the following: The Blog Bundle, Logo Design, Stationery Packages. These items can be substituted for the physical or digital equivalent product of equal or lesser cost value.
  • Where specified on the voucher, photographic evidence of your particular ticket must be provided.
  • To claim your prize please place your order via orders@sls-creative.com or through my Facebook page quoting the appropriate code.
  • Percentage discount prizes can be utilised directly on the www.sls-creative.com website. Simply input your code at checkout.
  • ONE golden ticket will be issued per customer, applies to first order in the promotions active time period only.
  • Golden Tickets will not be issued on template purchases, this offer applies to PHYSICAL purchases only.
  • There are a limited number of tickets available (50) they will be assigned to customers in the sequence in which the orders arrive.
  • The promotion will end when the available number of tickets are dispatched.
  • Your ticket will be delivered with your order.
  • Promotion applies to orders placed on and after 12th November 2015, until such time as the tickets are all claimed.
  • SLS Creative reserves the right to cease this promotion without prior notice should any foul play be suspected.
  • Stacey Sansom of SLS Creative will explicitly ensure that all tickets are sealed into their envelopes and distributed among orders at random.
  • Tickets are assigned in order of payment received, your order is only complete once it has been fully paid. Receiving an invoice does not secure you a ticket, so it’s advisable to pay the invoice as soon as you can to ensure you don’t miss out.
  • Stacey and those assisting Stacey in packaging and processing of orders will NOT be aware of what is contained in particular envelopes, only that all the available prizes have been distributed accordingly.
  • For clarification of terms and conditions please contact stacey.sansom@sls-creative.com
  • Prizes have no cash value and are non transferrable between customers.