I’m feeling festive, I’m also feeling a bit snuffly and like I’ve been run over by a bus, but I’m going to focus on the festive feels here.

I’ve also been feeling a wee bit nostalgic for the last year (already, god help me NYE!) and how AWESOME it’s been. You lovely lot have helped my teeny business go from strength to strength, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.

So, as a great big THANK YOU, I’m offering a rather awesome offer, FREE LOGO DESIGN when you buy *any* stationery bundle. Good eh? I know. What’s also awesome, is that you can gift it to a friend too, which quite frankly is the most awesomest gift a little business owner like myself could hope to receive. (Heck, I’d be impressed if someone bought me a pack of biro’s. Seriously. There’s some sort of pen devouring black hole in my office.)

There’s no catch, you just have to order a stationery bundle. If you’re doing so through the website then just choose your bundle (the sticker bundle, book bundle and web graphics bundle are excluded, sorry and all that) and select to exclude the logo design. Then just stick a note in at the checkout saying “GIMMIE MY FREE LOGO, WENCH” or you know, something else… You’re pretty much getting all stationery bundles for half price here!

Alternatively, if none of the bundles suit, as always I’m super happy to set up a custom bundle for you, just choose any four items (two of which can be stickers in quantities of 180) and I’ll calculate a rather lovely discounted price for you, and chuck on the free logo design too. See, aren’t I nice? (Or stupid… I’m going with nice.)  For a custom bundle just contact me, or drop me a message on Facebook. To be a qualifying bundle, it come to £50 or more, but that’s still MEGA cheap for what you’re getting.

And that’s about it! The turnaround as usual is around 21 days, but don’t forget I won’t be about the week of Xmas and New year. If you’re in a mega rush to squeeze it in before Christmas, I may be able to help, just ask first. Who needs sleep?

This is ONLY available until Sunday the 13th December 2015 and will finish at 6pm. It also won’t happen again, as I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a lecture off my husband about ‘giving free stuff away all the time’ when he gets home from work.

Quick. Before he finds out.

Stacey x