Digital Prints


Digital printing! This is perfect for items that don’t need to have a super long life span, such as postcards, marketing materials and novelty prints. (For greetings cards, click here)

You can have any size prints, but they’re charged in ‘A’ sizes, so you’ll need to pick the size that your print fits into, and it will then be cut down to size for you. Please specify the finished size of your print in the checkout notes.

You’ll need to provide a high quality scan or photograph of your artwork. For certain pieces with a lot of depth, a high quality photo, in natural light is the best. Keep in mind, any yellow / blue tones in your image WILL come out in the print so make sure you’re happy with the original image. If scanning, make sure that your image is a minimum of 300dpi, though 600dpi is preferred if possible.

You’ll have the opportunity to upload your artwork at the checkout, but if you forget to do so, or find it’s too large, just email it to quoting your order number.



Digitally Printed
Printed on 300gsm Satin Coated Stock for A5 and A4
Printed on 280gsm One Sided Gloss (Postcard Stock) for A6 and A7
Available in: A7 / A6 / A5 / A4

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A7, A6, A5, A4