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Jammie Dodgers are now Vegan, welcome back!

Those of you who have been following SLS Creative for much of the last 7 years (7 YEARS, I know!) will know that it was built on a solid foundation of tea and Jammie Dodgers*.

They sustained me through many late nights packing up orders, fumbling through the endless minefield that was parenting several tiny humans and setting up a business at the same time, and played a large role in defining the size of my arse.

However, in January our household decided to go Vegan (For many reasons) and I quickly discovered that no oreo could possibly hold a candle to a Jammie Dodger in the dunkability stakes. There’s clearly a reason that they are usually dunked in cold milk, not a piping hot brew.

It was a sad time indeed while I endured the hardship of sampling every other vegan biscuit known to man. None quite reaching the dizzyingly high standards set by the gloriously chewy and crumbly JD.

So, this week, when I was tagged by my wonderful other half in a post claiming that Jammie Dodgers are now Vegan (which they were years back before they added milk powder) I was over the moon. I set about waiting patiently until they were rolled out in shops.

Today, my new favourite human in the world (I mean, I liked him anyway, of course…) brought me these 😍

I am now hiding in a far corner of the office out of the twins’ eyeline (who incidentally both have the favourite word ‘Biccie’) merrily dunking these delicious Mini Jammie Dodgers into a piping hot brew.

It. Is. Bliss.

Welcome Back to the office, faithful friend ❤️

Stacey x

*Other vastly inferior biscuits are available.

For those of you who are quite rightfully admiring my beautiful Paper Panda mug, you can get your very own here 😘

A mug of tea with a pack of mini Jammie Dodgers
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