This coming Sunday (the 14th June 2015) will be the 2nd anniversary of my starting up SLS Creative, its Birthday if you will! I really can’t believe it’s been two whole years already. I also can’t believe that my biggest baby is nearly four *sobs a little bit* – but time does fly and all that.

Sooooo… as I promised, I’ll be having a wee bit of fun to celebrate. First up is this lovely freebie paper cutting template which you can download here. It would make a wonderful birthday card topper or gift for a friend :) – remember though, my free templates are for personal use only. That means you can give it to your neighbour, donate it to your dentists waiting room, you could even cut twenty of them, staple them together and wear them as a toga, but you must not sell the finished cut or the template itself. Capische? I am not however, an ogre, so if you’d like to sell it for charity then I’m ok with that, but only if you ask for my express permission and can provide evidence that the money is being donated (registered charity numbers, fundraising info etc.).

I’m also going to be hosting a little giveaway over on Facebook. Not so little actually, as you can win any stationery package of your choice (except the blog bundle, ’cause, well, family’s gotta eat you know – hehe)! So make sure you check that out if you want to be the proud owner of a bundle of papery goodness.

Enjoy cutting the template, all I ask is that when sharing it on social media you give me a little credit for the design and feel free to use #SLSBirthdayParty as a bit of fun :)

Stacey x