Welcome to SLS Creative…

From teeny-weeny beginnings in 2013, SLS Creative has gone from being a Mum of two with a scalpel and cutting mat making paper cut art, to a fully fledged design and printing studio housing 7 printers (each with its own complex personality) , a few heavy duty chop-your-arm-off-if-you-look-at-it-wrong machines, a couple of over-worked workstations, three hot-beverage-supping worker bees, and more paper than you can shake a pointy stick at.

Our job here is to provide you with utterly stroke-able, gorgeous bundles of stationery goodness. Designed and produced with oodles of care and patience. (Hey, we’re dealing with printers here, there has to be a lot of patience…)

Whatever you, or your business needs, we can help. From Notebooks to fully functioning e-commerce websites, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the SLS Creative Team

Stacey formed SLS Creative in 2013.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of printers, paper cuts, biscuits and near-nervous breakdowns  to create the stationery haven you know today.

 Stacey is the person who designs all your stationery, logos and websites, and is usually the one responding to your emails.

Can usually be found eating biscuits, breaking things, or generally being confused.

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Whether he likes it or not, Dean is the man
behind the machinery.

Once Stacey has designed your goodies, and you’ve given them the thumbs up, they get whizzed over to Dean who gets your artwork onto paper. 

Can usually be found talking to himself or cursing one of the various printers.

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Once your items have been printed, they get passed over to Tammy.

She skillfully finishes each item, cutting, binding and quality checking them before packaging them up and sending them out to you. 

Can usually be found yelling at people for moving / stealing / leaving things in her ‘area’.

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Get in touch!

If you’d like to request a custom order, find out our favourite biscuits or just generally chat crap with us, we’re up for it! 

Either fill out the form to the right, or drop us an email. We’ll get back to you, quick as a flash!

email: orders@slscreative.com

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